The Seller Says That He Will Repair The Leaky Roof When The Sales Contract

So for starters, make sure to read your inspection contract carefully to make sure you don’t get locked into mending something you don’t want to fix. "As a seller, you should never sign an.

That was before his roof started leaking and he discovered. a short sale price that is less than the seller owes. Even so, troubled banks may be overwhelmed with foreclosures and slow to respond.

Seller Has Not Performed a Repair Agreed to In the Purchase Contract My question involves real estate located in the State of: California Before we purchased the house, we noticed some large leaks over the garage and the wine-cellar.

Undisclosed Leaking Roof, is There Legal Recourse My question involves real estate located in the State of: Pennsylvania I purchased my home just shy of one year ago (Oct 10) and have had sporadic leaking issues primarily over the living room that started within a month and a half of purchase.

 · The envelope of a home-its roof, floors, walls, windows, Sometimes buyers are better off asking for cash credit on a repair item instead of asking the seller to replace or repair. The seller has no vested interest in the home after it’s sold, and he might not hire the most qualified contractor or do the repair in a manner that’s.

I Can’T Afford To Repair Roof With Little Amount From Insurance Company. Now What? Should I Call the Insurance Agent or Roofing Company First. – The insurance company came out, gave us an estimate for repair, said they wouldn’t pay anything because it was just under our deductible amount and then informed us that if we ever make another claim on our roof, we have to provide proof that we had all the items on their list fixed or they would deduct the amount of their estimate from any.

Seller patched over this with spackle I believe to conceal, but is still noticeable. Seller is in some type of construction profession and finished the entire basement himself with full bathroom. The seller states he does not know of a roof leak but that yellow stain has been there for 8 years.

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Sellers – You Don't Have to Read Your Buyer's Inspection. – If it’s a small, reasonable amount that the seller is willing to give back, perhaps to replace a water heater we already know is old, or to fix an actual roof leak that we didn’t know about before, we have the seller sign the Amendment and we’re done. Or we’ll counter with a smaller amount, sometimes zero.

However, you want to contact the seller and/or seller’s attorney as soon as possible to document the timing of the roof leaks. If the seller refuses to pay for or contribute toward the repair, you.